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senior creative director

Randall E. Dolowy

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Randall E. Dolowy, Creative Director/Senior Designer at voYce Brand Design 

For 27 years I have worked in a wide variety of industries, ranging from financial institutions, action sports to healthcare. Dedicated to building and nurturing the brands and institutions I work for positioning their brands to achieve market potential through compelling, creative, strategy-based solutions. I believe brands and marketing materials alike should be concise, bold, and committed!  They must strive for greatness by setting the pace and expressing their voice, placing creative initiatives into the realm of motivational and inspirational! 

Whether it’s a brand identity system, online visibility ranking initative, educational collateral, instructional website, advertising campaign, or promotional event, I set out to craft purposeful customer connections that build an engaging brand experience.

Solving brand and visual communication problems encompasses what professional graphic design and creative direction is meant to be. Creating visually appealing and concise communication, in what has become mundane or average in our day to day journey is part of the difference. These design solutions reinforce the materials used to educate the targeted audience. By delivering top-tier design with enthusiasm and consistency, your audience will stay engaged, organized and well informed.

senior online marketing / web-master

Mike T. Ackerman

Mike T. Ackerman, Director of online visibility management. at voYce Brand Design  

30 years invested in Marketing a variety of industries. These include Health and Fitness, Auto Aftermarket, Dietary Supplements, Household Products, and Computer Systems. Since 2006 my focus has been Digital Marketing. Utilizing a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, I help attract and retain your perfect audience.

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